Letter from The Editor


Hi welcome.


Lovely to meet you!


I’m Claire (nickname Sparkles) AKA The Editor, and this is the story of fivereasons2.


I spent my childhood growing up in London, England. It was a diverse, interesting, somewhat troublesome and sometimes fraught upbringing – Everybody has a story, right? More of that later!


Well, I found my escape from life in writing. Writing was my therapist, my friend, my confidante, my lover, my hopes and my dreams combined. I wrote about everything, all of it, all of the time.


I was young and fearless. Troubled, yes, a risk taker, yes, and a dream chaser, most definitely! I wanted to escape from my life - and I believed that anything was possible  - if you could only imagine it.


I would carry my notebook everywhere – there were no notes apps or mobile phones back then - and I would just write and write! I loved it. It was my sanctuary.  I would constantly jot stuff down, writing about anything and everything that touched me, inspired or upset me, or that simply caught my eye.  I would literally stop people on the street to ask them questions, interviewing them on their thoughts on whatever it was that came to my mind.  It was such a huge part of who I was, a deep passion and yet somewhere along the road I forgot how much it energised me, how alive it made me feel, and I stopped writing.


Almost two years ago now, I started on my own spiritual journey and quest to find my life’s purpose, researching everything from astrology, tarot, numerology, religion, meditation - you name it I researched it - and everywhere I looked, everything I read or listened to - all of them told me to write.  


And so, write I did, everyday!  Journals, notes, quotes, poems even streams of consciousness. Slowly I began to realise how much I had missed writing and how passionate and alive it makes me feel to string together words and sentences that are powerful, inspirational, emotional and hopefully, thought provoking.


At the same time that I started writing again, I started thinking about how I could give back, how I could make a difference in this world. I started wondering how I could share my journey and innate positivity to help and uplift others. How I could spread love, joy, sparkles and humour with as many people as possible? 


During that time it seemed that most everyone I spoke to, no matter their age, sex, creed or income bracket, were in a place of unrest, feeling a little lost, looking for something else or something more, unhappy in their job, relationship or just generally a little miffed by the what’s going on in the world, and all of the challenges that seem to come our way on a daily basis. 


Just like me, people were looking for a sense of meaning, for support & kindness, a feeling of togetherness, a sense of comradery & community, and maybe a little help or advice on how to navigate this, beautiful but sometimes cruel & secular, world we live in.


And there it was. I had found my purpose! I need to spread some sparkles in the world! 


So the next question was………how?


How can I combine all of the things I love most, writing, learning, inspiring, motivating, creation & passion with the world? And how can I do this in a way that gives back too? 


And as simple as that, the idea of fivereasons2 was born with the purpose of building a community of people who encourage and support each other.  The idea of creating a space where members share their personal stories of success and overcoming obstacles, of life lessons and life hacks, tips & tricks, books and quotes to help others. Maybe even wearing a fivereasons2  T-shirt to brighten their own or someone else's day! (watch this space - Merch coming soon). 


A place for people to find support, positivity, encouragement, advice and hopefully a little humour for good measure. 


So here we are. And this is just the beginning! Anyone who knows me knows that I always dream BIG.  We are just getting started! There are many facets to this movement, and to this community in the pipeline, and I am looking for ways to give back on a grander scale – watch this space.


I truly hope that YOU find something here that touches YOU, that encourages YOU to believe in YOUrself, that lifts YOU up, or makes YOU smile. That gives YOU the courage to try something new, to do something different or to simply see things from an alternate perspective. I hope that it makes YOU want to ‘roll the dice’ and take a chance on YOUrself and on this crazy journey we call life.





I can't wait for YOU to become a member of the fivereasons2 community – to share YOUr stories and experiences in YOUr words, to learn from other peoples life lessons and stories and to hopefully make some money too.  


I'm so excited for YOU to make a difference in YOUr own life and the lives of those around YOU.


Let's do this!


Love & Sparkles.


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